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We often face some tenderness in our muscles due to tension, stress, sprains, injuries, or overuse of a particular muscle group (caused by excessive physical activity). we are sure to go through the same and our advice!? DO NOT at any cost ignore it!

Amongst all CBD- infused therapeutic products nowadays, CBD roll-on spray and CBD topical spray for pain can be the most effective ones. Greenlab’s range of high-quality organic CBD roll-on pain relief spray and CBD roll-ons are THC-free and help with soreness caused by vigorous workouts, exercises, or athletics. Now I know you have many typical questions! At Greenlab, we will answer them all.

CBD or cannabidiol is a plant-based compound obtained from the cannabis Sativa plant that we know!

Now what might come as news is that cbd topical roll-on sprays for pain are safer than painkillers because of overuse, abuse, and addiction. Greenlab ensures that the products are safe, non-addictive, and reliable with no psychoactive effects.

What is CBD Roll-On and spray?

CBD roll-on gel and spray is a topical CBD product that one can use for several grounds, along with pain relief, healing, reconditioning, and circulation. It is an ointment of CBD extract and other active oils or supplements. When you apply it to the affected area, your skin will absorb the CBD content within. Sometimes, for added advantages, manufacturers add eucalyptus, lemon, aloe vera, menthol, and coconut oil. Some topicals can give you warming, and others can give you a cooling sensation when applied.

What is THC, and how do CBD Topicals function?

So CBD is the most prominent cannabinoid present in hemp plants, along with many other cannabinoids. THC is one of those. It is an internal compound occurring in cannabis plants, and its presence can cause side effects like dryness, itch, or red eyes. Hence, at Greenlab, all the products are THC-free.

Greenlab CBD topical sprays and CBD roll-ons other than relieving pain help your body recover even from high and intensive use of muscles. It is created to work as a remedy. Together with calming, rendering self-aid, and giving you the strength to overcome all that life has given you. Greenlab concentrates on making high-quality and organic CBD products.

The topical CBD roll-on sprays for pain or CBD roll-on pain relief is unique, in terms of properties, constituents, and uprooting methods.


How to use CBD roll-on pain relief spray and CBD topical spray for pain?

First thing first, make sure never to use it on your face! CBD roll-on pain relief sprays are only for external use.

1) Apply the gel or cbd roll-on sprays for pain to sore muscle areas (shoulder, neck section, belly, bicep, knee, or foot. Use gentle circular motions, as it is considered the standard movement to achieve the best execution. In addition to that, don’t forget to read the instructions provided with user manuals or labels carefully!

2) Do not over-apply as high amounts can cause vigorous cooling or heating sensations. Always begin with small measures before proceeding on to larger ones. If necessitated, increase with extended use gradually.

3) It is best to keep the gel or spray away from any cuts or wounds. And it is always a good idea to apply to clean and cleaned areas of skin.

4) If you’re someone with sensitive skin, always check on a patch of your skin. Patch checking will tell you if you can apply it to the larger area. You also can check the ingredients before putting and see if you have sensitive skin to certain constituents.

Trust me! Greenlab’s roll-on and sprays have been a lifesaver to me and can help you as well.  

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